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Welcome to SilverCrest support! GLOSSARY

Our little glossary makes the world of SMART AUDIO accessible even to non-experts. It explains the most important product-related terms in simple terms.


Gives you the option of setting up music playback in several rooms (loud-speakers) in various zones within your home.
This means listening to your favourite music in other rooms is a piece of cake with the SMART AUDIO system from SilverCrest!

While previously you had to install complex cabling and electronics to listen to the same music across different rooms, it is now simple to achieve using your wireless router. You can decide depending on your mood whether you want to listen to music in just one room, in two rooms or simply across the whole house. Simple, quick and flexible to control from your smart device or computer.


Simultaneous playback of various music sources on different SMART AUDIO devices in different rooms.

You want to enjoy different music sources in different areas of your home at the same time.
In the living area (kitchen, dining room, living room), it can be a bit louder and rockier, while the calmer background noise of the news is preferable in the office. You can select this all easily, control it and adapt it to your mood using a smart device.


Gives the option of selecting music sources and playing them on different SMART AUDIO devices from various smart devices.

You use your tablet to select a current news channel as the source for the kitchen and dining room. A second person in a different room uses their smartphone to play the latest tracks on Spotify. This means they can both enjoy the content of their choice independently of each other on different SMART AUDIO devices.


Continuous transfer of data, in this case music data


wireless connection to a network


Abbreviation for application -> program on Android and/or iOS


Provides media content in the network