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Welcome to SilverCrest support! FAQ & HELP

Find out about our SMART AUDIO products, access the latest user manuals, download the latest versions of the SilverCrest SMART AUDIO app and much more.  We can help you if you have any questions about the product. Simply contact us direct via Contact or read the FAQ. We have already summarised the most important questions.


If the devices support the open UNDOK MULTIROOM standard, they can also be added.

Make sure that WiFi is activated on the device to be controlled and you are on the same wireless network as the SMART AUDIO device.

Register your SMART AUDIO device via the portal. You can manage your favourites there and add your loud-speakers to your account. Your favourites are then visible on all devices on this account.

You need a Spotify premium account. After you upgrade, the SilverCrest SMART AUDIO devices are available as playback devices via Spotify Connect.

Yes, you can do this via the “Play to” option in Windows Media Player. You can select the loud-speakers and the adapter as playback sources.

The system is restricted to a maximum of 16 devices. A maximum of 8 groups can be set up, with groups containing a maximum of 5 devices.