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The innovative, self-explanatory app for an amazing music experience from SilverCrest

This app lets you control your speaker conveniently from your smartphone or tablet PC.

The SilverCrest SMART AUDIO app allows you to discover and play audio content from any room using a smart device as your remote control. Music can be played via a direct connection to the server or the cloud, so the smart device can be used for calls, videos or outside the wireless range without interrupting the music playback. This saves battery as energy consumption for music playback is minimised.
You can download the "SilverCrest SMART AUDIO" control app from the Apple® App Store and from the Google® Play Store. (See also “App Download”)
The SilverCrest SMART AUDIO app allows you to navigate between the different functions, change radio stations, adjust the volume and lots more.

The app supports the following functions, among others:

    • Access to internet radio stations and podcasts
    • Control of internet radio
    • Setup and control of a multi-room system

    Below is a link to detailed instructions for the SilverCrest SMART AUDIO app to help you with setting up and getting to know the app!
    This is available separately for iOS and Android.
    Please understand that we have focused on the most important functions and key features, as, like nearly all apps, navigation and use are pretty much self-explanatory.
    There may also be some differences between the instructions and the app as the app is constantly developed and updated.

    At time of publication, all the translations of the app were unfortunately not yet available, so in some instructions the diagrams are printed in English. We are making every effort to update this as soon as possible.