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Smart Audio.
Experience more.

As diverse as your music tastes: With the wide range of SilverCrest SMART AUDIO devices, you can put together a wireless sound system just the way you want it.
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Innovative technology.
This is how SMART AUDIO works

The product video explains how easy it can be to enjoy a brilliant music experience with SMART AUDIO in every room of your home.
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Whether you use one speaker or more, SMART AUDIO gives you the option of playing music in your home over the wireless network.
The benefits compared to streaming via Bluetooth:

No interference

No interference or interruption to the music for incoming calls, messages or notifications.


Stable connection

Stable wireless connection, even over longer distances and with movement.


Uninterrupted enjoyment

The music streaming service or internet radio connects directly with the speaker via the WiFi network, it is not played through the smartphone or tablet, which is simply used as a remote control.


Genuine multi-room system

The SilverCrest SMART AUDIO app controls the music, the rooms, the volume and the source selection. Wireless across different rooms using a smartphone or tablet. This is the only way to enjoy a genuine multi-room experience.