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Amazing music experience in every room


Listening to your favourite music is a piece of cake! Music without limits from a single source!
The wireless streaming products from SilverCrest bring the whole world of music into any room of your home, with breathtaking sound quality.Your listening experience is controlled via a free app on your smartphone or tablet.

Access any song in the world from any room. Create room groups and stream the same song across multiple rooms or different songs in different rooms - the choice is yours!
SilverCrest MULTIROOM is very simple to set up: Place a SilverCrest loud-speaker anywhere in the house and use the Controller app to connect it to the wireless LAN.

The reliable WiFi connection transfers the music from various sources to all your SilverCrest products in perfect quality, with no losses.SilverCrest MULTIROOM means full control of your music content and an unforgettable listening experience in every room, and all wireless.

The new way of experiencing music.

All music lovers will also love MULTIROOM. Haven’t you always wanted to listen to your very own music in every room? It’s ever so easy with the SilverCrest MULTIROOM system. You can listen to your old favourites, the latest hits in the kitchen, your favourite rock group in the living room or the charts in the playroom.
It all easy with MULTIROOM!




Note: Promotional item*, available in selected countries and branches
*Items may sell out on the first day of the offer because limited stock is available.